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As a public, commercial-free media organization, TVO depends on our community of donors to maintain our current programming and to support our growth and innovation in the future. To raise the funds needed, we use many different channels to engage with donors. This includes telephone fundraising. These campaigns are part of TVO’s strategy to invite people to become monthly donors. Monthly donors are valuable to TVO. The long-term security of these donations helps us plan better, send less mail asking for donations and reduces administrative costs.

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TVO has been conducting telemarketing campaigns across Ontario for 20 years. Our telemarketers call people every year to discuss TVO and ask for their support. Many of these people agree to set up a monthly gift to TVO or make an additional one-time gift. Even if people do not choose to make a gift at this time, these calls provide an opportunity to learn about how TVO makes a difference to life in Ontario.

How do I know if a fundraiser is legitimate?

Telephone Fundraisers

Telephone fundraisers working on behalf of TVO will only be contacting people who have supported TVO in the past and will ask to speak to the donor by name. Our telephone fundraisers will also be able to provide the donor with the contact information of TVO staff. The call centres are located in Ontario.

If you come into contact with someone claiming to be a representative of TVO, the overwhelming likelihood is that they are genuine.

Who can I contact about your fundraisers?

If you have any concerns please contact us at 416.484.2665 or 1.800.463.6886 or

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