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January 30th, 2017
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Slot Machines: Addiction by Design: Natasha Dow Schüll spent 15 years studying Las Vegas casinos and the slot machines designed to pull users into a "machine zone" where worries, social demands, and even bodily awareness fade away. She joins The Agenda to discuss her book, "Addiction by Design," and those pocket slot machines: smart phones. 


vertical divider Talking Trade: The Agenda examines why Britain and the U.S. are moving away from globe-spanning trade deals and siding with politicians promising more protection. Then, former Canadian ambassador to the United States, Frank McKenna, discusses the history of NAFTA. And a panel of experts share their opinions on what Canada's economic relationship with the U.S. and the rest of the world will look like going forward.


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On road tolls, Toronto was dealt a bad hand and then played it badly
Ontario Northland bounces back after dodging a government bullet
How can we help Indigenous communities cope with climate change?
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Steve Paikin's Blog

vertical divider The 'Hail Mary' pass that could restore Kathleen Wynne and her government
It would be incredibly risky, but here’s one bold idea that might result in an unexpected election victory in 2018.
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  wtr-01032017calories.jpg   The Truth About Calories 9 pm Calories are the language of many diets and healthy eating plans, but the numbers you see on the packets aren't what they seem.  
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